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The Full Story


What started with a batch of cookies has become one simple goal, to spread happiness one bite at a time....

Meet the  Flavour Creator

The first time anybody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said "I want to be a cooker" The second time I gave a little more clarity and said "I want a food business"

When I said this, the vision in my mind was of a French patisserie window display.

My sister (to my right in the picture) decided to help me achieve my dream career by giving me my first cookbook for my Birthday. It certainly ignited my curiosity, but perhaps not in the way she expected. Being a cookie obsessive I decided that was the recipe to start with, the description promised soft and chewy and the result was hard and too sweet. I  decided this recipe needed improving and I became determined to create the perfect cookie recipe myself. I didn't stop with cookies, this determination to create the perfect version of a well-known classic became my approach to the culinary world.

As I grew older my curiosity for flavour and technique grew with me, but one thing never changed "Food" and "business" continued to be my career aspirations. Having always had this focus I found myself in an unusual situation, I didn't know which route to take, a business degree or catering college. The solution was simple, I had already created my own culinary curriculum and I was developing my skills everyday.

An alternative culinary education

I had already developed a love of Asian cuisine, especially Thai food, but moving to Cardiff expanded my culinary horizons even more. I worked part-time as a chef throughout my studies, I cooked for my flatmates and in my spare time I'd explore the Asian supermarkets picking up unfamiliar ingredients to experiment with.

my culinary education remained my priority and my degree was my side hustle.

pizza final.png

Passion for Pizza

In my second year of Uni, I contacted a small street food pizza business called Ffwrnes which specialised in Neapolitan-style pizza. A new fire ignited in me as I fell in love with the whole process of pizza making, from flour to fire.  I only worked with them casually for a few months, I went on to work as a sous chef and a head chef from cafes to fine dining. But my time with Ffwrnes will always stand out as a career-defining point in my life, because I remember it never felt like work, it felt like something I was made for. The only thing missing for me was the creativity, I loved the technique but always wanted to push the boundaries with flavour. It was many years later that I'd have the opportunity to rediscover my love of neapolitan pizza and access that freedom to be creative with flavour.

I joined the team (me, the owner Ben, and the bar manager) at Grain just a few months after it first opened in 2021.  Not only did Ben give me creative freedom with pizza specials (which I used and abused ) he was also Curiosity Bakes (the original name) best customer, allowing me to sell my brownies and cookies to Grain. My time at Grain was everything I could have wanted sure. It was when I began doing special supper clubs at Grain  that I realised something was missing for me. I loved making pizza and I loved making my brownies and cookies, but the little girl who dreamed of a "food business" wasn't satisfied yet.

Taking a detour

In 2022 I left Grain, St Davids, and Pembrokeshire to run a street food van in Cardiff. I needed to take some time away from my business and my hometown to figure out what I wanted for my business. "food business" was specific enough for 7-year-old Rachael, but 25-year-old Rachael needed more clarity.  I knew I loved baking, I knew I loved pizza. The problem was that I loved Asian flavours most of all and I couldn't figure out how to combine all 3 of my passions. 

I had spent so many years focused on nothing but starting my business and I decided the best thing to do was take a break and just enjoy cooking and learning again.

As much as I enjoyed the arts, culture, and diversity of a city like Cardiff I missed the natural beauty and simplicity of life in Pembrokeshire.

300397631_599614261626654_7639650325554010641_n (1).webp
me dad.jpg

Rediscovering my Home 

When I returned home I finally felt ready to set my business in motion. I had experienced so much in such a variety of kitchens and cuisines, and with every dish, flavour, or technique I worked with, I could envision it on a pizza or as a cookie or brownie.

I began working on my signature pizza dough, mostly based on Pizza al talgio crossed with elements of ciabatta. Alongside my signature cookie dough and brownie dough I knew my concept was complete, I took these well-known classics and treated them as a blank canvas to paint with new and exciting flavours with one simple goal. Spread happiness one bite at a time. 

In 2023 I took a step beyond the kitchen and brought my bakes to Haverfordwest Farmers Market and that was when I knew what my mission had always been. Spread happiness one bite at a time.

Something quite sad became very clear to me though, many people felt little hope for the future of the town centre. How was it possible that there could be so many wonderful producers congregated in Castle Square every Friday, but so many empty shop units.

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