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A Perfect Bite for any Occasion

The best place for pizza Al Taglio and artisan bakes in Wales. Find our deliciously different bites in the heart of  Haverfordwest Town Centre. 
Serving up delicious fresh slices of pizza, unique cookies and brownies, and a selection of handmade sweet pastries daily.


Our Mission
Spread Happiness One Bite at a Time

1 - Flavour above all else 

All our flavours are based on a marriage of beautifully balanced ingredients 

2-Never compromise on quality

Our aim is to showcase the best produce  From local cheeses and meats to fresh microherbs. All the way down to they type of flour and yeast we use in the dough. 

3- Stay Curious ( yes we will put pineapple on pizza)

I would never say pineapple belongs on a pizza, because not all pizzas are the same, but it certainly does have a place on pizza when the flavours complement the other ingredients.

The dough follows the rules, but we see it as a blank canvas. the masterpiece is made with the ingredients we put together and curiosity is the key to bringing those ingredients together to paint a beautiful (and tasty) picture. We understand the science of how flavours work and we're not afraid to experiment. 

Where to Find Us


Unit 17a Riverside Quay, Haverfordwest SA612LJ

Mon - Fri: 11am - 4pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 4pm
​Sunday: Closed

From Dough to Delicious


Brownies & Blondies

Always rich, always fudgy just as a brownie should be.  



You won't find cookies like these anywhere else. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and packed full of perfectly balanced putchy sweet flavours.

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Pizza al Taglio

The process always starts at least 48 hours in advance, ideally longer. Pizza al taglio is a very high-hydration dough and notoriously difficult to work with unless you know what you're doing! Once we've made the dough we give it a 24 hour cold ferment fold, another 24 hours then 6 hours at room temperature before it even touches the pan.

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From Pastel de nata to sweet tarts, our pastries are rich buttery and crisp, brimming with delightful fillings from sharp compotes and italian meringue to treacle apple and honeycomb.

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