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Celebration Cakes &Showstopper Bakes

You never need an excuse to have a sweet treat, but a Birthday or Celebration calls for something special. If you're not sure what you want yet, you can choose from our collection, or if you want something tailored to your exact tastes get in touch to discuss bespoke sponges, fillings and frostings.

Celebration Cakes made to order.Available as Minis or Sharers.4" from £15 or 12" from £30

blueberry mojito cake
Cannolli Mini Celebration Cake
Coconut Berry Cookie Cake SLice
Mini Cannolli Cookie Cake
Raspberry Lychee Celebration Cookie Cake
Strawberry Vanilla Mini Celebration Cake
Coconut Berry Cookie Cake
Coconut Berry Cookie Celebration Cake
Cannolli Cookie Mini Celebration Cake

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get one step closer to your perfect cake 

Below is just an idea of the combinations we can create for your bespoke cake. don't be afraid to ask for what you want, curiosity is in our name and we love a challenge.

4" Gift Cakes start at £15

12" layer Cakes start at £30

Sponge Flavours

-Light Citrus

-Classic Vanilla


-Rich Chocolate

-Light Cocoa


-Sticky Toffee

-Light Coconut


-Miso Caramel

-Raspberry Lychee Jam

-Mixed Citrus Curd

-Pina Colada Jam

-Blueberry Mojito Jam

-Cannoli Cream

-Coffee Fudge


-Italian meringue Buttercream

-German Buttercream

Finishing Touches

-Mini Brownies

-Mini Cookies

-Chocolate shards

-Berry Dust

Cookies for a crowd.Also available as Giant gIFT cOOKIES

Our cookies are pretty much the ultimate selection box, there's a flavour for everybody. You can Choose from our current range, and our past favourites or let us create the perfect flavour for you. 

Prices start at £16 for 12 cookies and £20 for custom-made Giant Celebration Cookies

Current Line up

-Sticky Biscoffee

-Toasted Coconut & Marshmallow

-Quad Choc

-Orange Black Sesame & Honeycomb

-Berry Nice

-Mint Ice-Cream


Past Favourites

-Coconut & Lime

-Triple Chocolate Coconut & Chilli

-Orange Miso & Chilli

-Lemon Curd & Blueberry

-Berry Brulee

-Orange & Cardamom


Autumn Cookie Collection
Birthday Gift Cookie
Winter Cookie Collection
Hand Decorated Giant Gift Cookie
Coconut & Lime Cookies
Golden Giant Cookie


Blondies & Brownies Selection
Hero Brookie
Brownie Selection
Miso Caramel Oreo Brookie
Neapolitan Brownie
Sesame Biscoff Brookie

Brownies can make any gathering no matter how big or small better.You can choose from our current range of 6 flavours, and past favourites, or get in touch to create your own bespoke flavour.

Prices start at £20 for a whole tray of Brownies or Blondies and £6 for bespoke brookies, however, this is just a guide as all custom orders are priced individually based on your requirements.

Current Line up

-Lychee, Raspberry & White Chocolate

-Smore Goldie

-Pina Colada Blondie

-Miso caramel cornflake

-Espresso Martini Fudge


Past Favourites

-Orange & Cardamom Caramel

-Sticky Toffee 


-Blueberry Miso


-Black Sesame & Miso Caramel

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